Designed for Quality. Driven by Results.


The StoneHill Group is a trusted provider of exceptional loan quality, mortgage process outsourcing and technology solutions to the mortgage industry.  Our proven processes, deep experience, technology-enabled and client-focused solutions deliver capacity, operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and empower confident, compliant decisions.

Serving a client base of over 300 Independent Mortgage Bankers, Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Servicers and Sub-Servicers and Housing Finance Authorities across the United States.

Our Clients enjoy a differentiated experience, including:


Exceptional Customer Service & Quality

Rapid Turn Times & SLA reliability

Data Security & Operational excellence, delivered 100% onshore, certified by all five rating agencies and the GSE’s

The StoneHill Group delivers solutions that…


Produce higher quality loans

Provide scale for growing businesses

Validate data to improve decisioning

Deliver insightful outcomes that manage risk and drive profitability

Through Services and Technology, including:


Every day, more lenders are producing higher quality loans thanks to The StoneHill Group. Give StoneHill a call today:  1-877-399-1936