A few months ago, we introduced our Enhanced Dynamic Reporting. This is an important enhancement as the result of our ongoing focus to deliver a comprehensive dashboard with robust reporting and data mining capabilities to better manage and reduce your risk. Some of our clients are not taking advantage of this new feature, are you?

What is Dynamic Reporting?

Dynamic Reporting allows a user to utilize/run pre-built defect/trending reports, several which offer drill-down capabilities to access greater detail. Additional functionality allows a user to create/build their own reports by selecting from a list of available fields-creating a powerful ad hoc report writer.

Starting from the Dynamic Report tab on your dashboard you can instantly analyze all aspects of your audits in real-time, anytime!

From the enhanced top-level summary, you can drill down into the underlying details, allowing you to better understand your audit dynamics. This will help to increase awareness, make timely decisions and correct defects in your lines of business, all based on real-time accurate information.

We’re confident that this new Dynamic Report enhancement will improve our service and your experience. Check it out- the Dynamic Reporting tab is already available on your dashboard.

Need training or have additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to Donna Rowe, our Client Services Manager, at drowe@stonehillgroup.com to schedule one on one training or to answer any questions you may have. We thank you for your partnership.