We’re constantly evolving at The StoneHill Group to keep up new trends, which is why we’re so fortuante to have Barry Tomlinson, our manager of special projects on our team. 

Barry, who has more than 28 years of experience in the mortgage industry, has served as mortgage executive, overseen operations and underwriting teams, and is an expert in facilities and facility security. In fact, Barry has been responsible for creating new work space and support processes for our due diligence and forensic underwriting reviewers that have helped our clients and StoneHill save time and money. 

Before joining the company 10 years ago, Barry worked as a project manager and facilities manager, where he developed expertise for scheduling and budgeting projects. In his spare time, he is a very active and long time member

 of the Atlanta “Classic Glass Corvette Club” and owns a classic 1999 Chevrolet Corvette. Barry and wife “Cheryl” enjoy taking cruises in the corvette on the weekends to many different locations in and around Atlanta.  Barry has many other interst including coin collecting but the most important interest is in his grandkids. He has 10 grandkids and when not out with his corvette group he is out watching his grandkids play baseball or watching his granddaughter do compitition cheerleading. 

“Barry’s ideas and leadership have had a profound impact on our success as a company,” said David Green, the company’s founder, president and CEO. “A top-notch trouble-shooter with an eye for detail, Barry is particularly adept at understanding how things work and finding ways to make them work even better.” 

“There’s no shortage of challenges in the mortgage business,” Barry tells us,” but not every company devotes as much time or as many resources toward solving problems for lenders as The StoneHill Group does. I’m happy to call StoneHill my professional home.”