A company known for its QC auditing services, outsourcing of mortgage services and loan quality needs to have an expert with superior knowledge of these topics on hand at all times. Luckily, The StoneHill Group has such an expert in Chuck Wells, our director of compliance and internal audits.

chuck wellsIn addition to overseeing all regulatory compliance and internal audit functions, Chuck is responsible for ensuring everyone at StoneHill adheres to our company’s policies and quality standards as well as evaluating and implementing all required action plans. He also makes sure our services meet each client’s unique policies and quality standards.

Chuck has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage banking. Before joining StoneHill, he spent 16 years as a vice president at HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, where he oversaw the company’s quality assurance, closing, post-closing and servicing divisions. In his spare time, Chuck is an avid reader, gardener and longtime collector of antique landscapes.

“Chuck Wells is a huge reason why StoneHill is one of the industry’s top loan QC providers,” said David Green, the company’s founder. “We are responsible for ensuring how hundreds of lenders maintain sound, compliant processes. We couldn’t do it without someone like Chuck, who has overseen every aspect of lending in different regulatory environments. He’s one of a kind, and we’re very fortunate to have him.”

Says Chuck: “I enjoy being involved in different areas of the business, which keeps things interesting. But what I love most about my job is the people I work with. We have a wonderful team of highly skilled professionals who are absolutely driven to delivering the best advice and service in the industry. It’s a very special environment—but then, StoneHill is a very special company.”

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