When you attended the Expo you probably heard about the new Mortgage Driver Technology on display at the StoneHill Group booth.  The Stonehill Group and BeyondRecognition combine decades of industry experience with industry leading technology and innovation that the mortgage industry demands.  This Next Generation technology provides for Zero Human intervention or assistance in Classifying Mortgage BLOB files and Extracting Validated Data from the surface of those documents.

Mortgage Driver™ features:

Actual Intelligence (AI) – Accurate, Scalable Document Classification

Visual document classification outperforms legacy OCR – Much less SME time for install and operations

  • 99.9% Accuracy on the most critical loan documents
  • Scalable capacity hardware configuration can meet any throughput demand
  • Content-Enabled and Bookmarked PDF Loan Files
  • All pages Searchable with text derived from glyph analytics
  • File Navigation with bookmarks for most significant document types
  • Field Data Extracted to meet Use Case Needs (origination, capital markets, servicing)
  • No additional hardware or software required for viewing documents
  • Shared Industry Intelligence
  • Core Mortgage Team at StoneHill, with deep experience, developed initial classifications and Mortgage Industry taxonomy
  • Clients can leverage Core Intelligence to expedite launch and reduced ongoing maintenance
  • Fully-customizable for unique use cases and workflows

We have had a tremendous response to Mortgage Driver™  and would like to extend a free offer for you to experience this amazing technology yourself.  We will process up to 50 Mortgage Files for you for free so that you can be amazed.

Visit us at https://www.stonehillgroup.com/md/ for additional details, to schedule an appointment, or to watch a demo.