Mortgage Driver™

StoneHill Mortgage Driver™ features: 

Actual Intelligence (AI) – Accurate, Scalable Document Classification

  • Visual document classification outperforms legacy OCR – Much less SME time for installation and operations
  • 99% accuracy on the most critical loan documents
  • Scalable capacity hardware configuration can meet any throughput demand

Content-Enabled and Bookmarked PDF Loan Files

  • All pages searchable with text derived from glyph analytics
  • File navigation with bookmarks for most significant document types
  • Field data extracted to meet use case needs (origination, capital markets, servicing)
  • No additional hardware or software required for viewing documents

Shared Industry Intelligence

  • Core mortgage team experts at The StoneHill Group, developed initial classifications and mortgage industry taxonomy
  • Clients can leverage Core Intelligence to expedite launch and reduced ongoing maintenance
  • Fully-customizable for unique use cases and workflows

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Mortgage Driver™ Visual Classification

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Mortgage Driver™ Classification Tree
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