Meg Swinehart, First Home Mortgage

Meg Swinehart serves as vice president of quality assurance for First Home Mortgage, a full service, residential mortgage lender based in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been a client of The StoneHill Group since 2012.

Why did you choose The StoneHill Group?
As we all know, there is a vast amount of competition in the mortgage industry for post-close QC vendors. You have to understand that this is not just outsourcing your QC audits, this is building a relationship together, helping one another through the challenges. In the QC world today when you outsource your work to a post-close QC vendor, the relationship built is key to your overall quality control program’s success.

What makes The StoneHill Group unique?
The relationship that StoneHill builds with their clients is what makes them most unique to me. They listen, making accommodations and enhancements for their clients whenever possible. They are a knowledgeable source of information, should we have a question as it relates to post close audit reviews or QC in general, they are always responsive and helpful. They are communicative in regards to industry changes and alerts to their clients. They are kind, easy to work with, and always responsive to us as a client.