StoneHill Partners with Blue Loans for Due Diligence and Secondary Marketing Services

As we rapidly approach the final month of 2020, it is important that you address any imbalance in your loan to share ratio.  Whether you are a buyer or seller of residential mortgages StoneHill is fully prepared to assist at all levels of both loan review and traditional secondary marketing services.

If you are buying or selling, let us assist you to insure a successful and beneficial transaction. We can help structure the transaction, perform diligence, and assure both parties of a transaction that achieves their desired results.

We know that this year particularly has seen a flight to quality and many clients have seen marked increases in deposits, that have lowered their loan to share ratios and hurt earnings. This can be addressed through participations and other mortgage related investments. If you are on the other end of the spectrum you may well need to reposition your balance sheet through asset sales.

If you prefer a direct transaction between institution to avoid fees or to use a brokerage firm – adequate and proper due diligence is imperative. StoneHill is approved by all 5 rating agencies.  Let our knowledge and experience make a difference.

Please click below for more info or contact sales@stonehillgroup.com today. We are here to help.