Obtaining higher quality, compliant loans has never been so easy.

The StoneHill Group’s robust, web-based client dashboard works around the clock to provide lenders with the tools they need to meet today’s QC and compliance demands.

With the company’s platform, lenders of all sizes can upload and receive reports anytime from a secure FTP site. All client data is backed by virtual servers, storage area networks and the most stringent security measures available in the mortgage industry—ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.



Protecting loan data with the highest level of controls available.

When it comes to protecting client data, The StoneHill Group uses the most cutting-edge technology and the toughest safeguards.

All customer data is stored in StoneHill’s own Atlanta, Georgia-based data center, operated and staffed by The StoneHill Group, with 24/7 security. All controls for protecting confidential data have met SSAE 16/ SOC 1 standards, internationally recognized as the most stringent in the world.

The StoneHill Group is committed to thorough, sound and secure internal and external IT processes and exceeding industry quality control standards.


Automated QC and vendor reviews.

The StoneHill Group’s proprietary LES™ (Loan Evaluation Software) solution enables mortgage lenders to automate loan QC and vendor reviews processes while reducing time-in-file costs.

LES can be customized to meet the needs of any investor, agency or third party, and also serves as a system of record for mortgage lenders, allowing them to retain audits and reports in a secure environment for as long as they are needed.

With LES™, lenders can:
• Demonstrate QC and meet the audit requirements of any partner
• Perform pre- and post-close QC reviews
• Perform required QC vendor reviews
• Monitor and measure the quality of processes
• Perform trending analyses to identify and mitigate risk
• Reduce time-in-file costs

User friendly and filled with productivity tools that save time and reduce costs, LES™ gives StoneHill clients a rock-solid edge when it comes to managing due diligence.

Every day, more lenders are producing higher quality loans thanks to The StoneHill Group. Ready to find out how good your loans can be?
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