The StoneHill Group Announces Additional Technology Platform for Due Diligence

Atlanta, GA, Feb 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/The StoneHill Group (TSG), a national third-party mortgage services firm announced today their rollout of Scienna’s Andor custom loan review system.  Validated by many of the nation’s leading ratings agencies as an attested Third Party Review (TPR) firm for RMBS; TSG will utilize the Andor platform to quickly adjust for virtually any scope of loan review, without the need for custom software programming.

“Our firm is bullish on a return to private capital as a significant source of liquidity in the residential market.  We see this trend in our client’s current product mix and are committed to be a key service provider to enable this transition back to a competitive secondary market,” said Patrick Gluesing, TSG’s President and Chief Operating Officer.  “We could not have chosen a better technology partner for our relaunch of due diligence services. The ratings agencies familiarity with Peter Krell and Scienna have exceeded our expectations and accelerated all our timelines.”

“The Andor platform is allowing The Stonehill Group to compete immediately on the basis of their expertise and client service,” said Peter Krell, founder and CEO of Scienna LLC.  “The current market for third-party-review in RMBS is underserved, and I believe this partnership will benefit not just our two companies, but the RMBS market as a whole.”

About The StoneHill Group, Inc.

Founded in 1996, The StoneHill Group provides nationwide mortgage outsource solutions that include quality control program development and audit services, due diligence, post-closing and shipping, fraud reviews, MERS reconciliation and annual reviews, FHA insuring, underwriting, and loan processing. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on The StoneHill Group, please visit or call 1.877.399.1936

About Scienna

Scienna supports a wide variety of mortgage-related file review activities with its ultra-flexible Andor software platform and attendant technical services.  These loan review types include due diligence, quality control, fulfillment, litigation-related research and data verification.  Scienna does not provide mortgage loan review services directly to the market, but instead enables its clients to engage in these business lines without developing proprietary software platforms to do so, simultaneously decreasing their operating costs and increasing their agility.  For more information, go to, email to or call 908.300.3901.



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