2021 MERS® QA Deliverables – Are you Prepared?

2021 MERS® QA Requirement submission process is now open and in full swing.  Is your organization prepared?

Use the eQARequirements Landing Page on the MERS® Member Website to determine if your organization has one or more QA deliverables due by the MERS December 31, 2021 deadline.

  • MERS® System QA Plan?
  • MERS® eRegistry QA Plan?
  • Annual Report?

Be in the know! MERS has revised the Annual Report Review criteria for the 2021 review cycle.  Changes to the review include:

  • Member Information and MERS System Security
  • MERS System Transactions accuracy and timeliness
  • MERS Documents General and State specific requirements
  • Third-party reviewer must successfully complete the MERS Annual Report Reviewer Training

Not sure where to begin? Here at The StoneHill Group, we work with you every step of the way.  We have successfully aced the Annual Report Reviewer Training and are prepared to assist you.  No need for last minute deadline stress.  Now is the time to get started!

Have other MERS QA requirement needs?  In addition to the MERS Annual Report Review, our MERS Services include MERS System Quarterly/Monthly Data Reconciliations and now offering MERS eRegistry System Data Reconciliations as required for eRegistry System Participants.  Our data reconciliations include side by side field comparison for all required and conditionally required fields as outlined by MERS and identify MINs that are listed in one system yet not the other to assist in a complete reconciliation process.

The StoneHill Group for your MERS QA Requirement needs:

  • Annual Report Reviews
  • MERS System Data Reconciliations
  • MERS eRegistry System Data Reconciliations – New service for eRegistry Participants!

Are you not currently a Stonehill partner? Are you trying to do this on your own? No problem, let us help! To become a partner of Stonehill and take advantage of all the great services we have to offer or for more information please contact sales@stonehillgroup.com. While your here check out our other services as well. We look forward to working with you.