Freddie Mac Updates to Re-Verification Field Review Requirements

As part of the Freddie Mac Seller’s quality control program, for Mortgages selected for post-closing quality control reviews, the Seller must ensure the appraisal, or if applicable, other property valuation, meets Freddie Mac requirements. The process is expected to utilize desk reviews, field reviews, automated valuation models, multiple listing service data, public records data, online tools and/or other appropriate methods in order to validate and ensure the quality of origination information.

For Mortgages originated with appraisals, except as described below, the Seller must obtain a desk review of the appraisal report to ensure that it accurately reflects the market value, condition, and marketability of the subject property and that the Mortgaged Premises is adequate collateral for the Mortgage.

If it is determined that the characteristics of the property or the scope of the desk review is insufficient to determine the accuracy of the appraisal or the adequacy of the collateral, a field review performed by an appraiser unaffiliated with the origination appraiser or appraisal firm is required:

Note: The Seller does not need to obtain a field review during the quality control review if one was obtained during the origination process and adequately supported the eligibility of the Mortgage for sale to Freddie Mac.

For more detailed information we recommend that you review the Freddie Mac Selling Guide, Section 3402.5 (E)(i)(A)(B), as well as review with your legal department, if applicable.